Beech Tree Childcare – Local Offer – updated March 2020 – Any meetings will be held remotely following COVID19 policies and procedures. 

Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

Our aim is for every child that attends Beech Tree Childcare to develop their confidence and independence and to learn through play. All children are respected and their individuality and potential recognised, valued and nurtured. Our local offer is written with due regard to legislation including The Children and Families Act (2014), The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and the Equalities Act (2010).

How does Beech Tree Childcare support children with Special Educational Needs?

We aim to support every child’s unique and individual needs. Through the Triangle of Care the key person will work in partnership with the parents/carers to discuss the child’s progress. The key person will use observation, assessment and planning (Early Years Statutory Framework, DfE, 2017) to support children’s progress. If a child is not making expected progress, the key person, in consultation with our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and the parents/carers, will discuss what support may be required. This will be done through the ‘graduated approach’ of assess, plan, do and review.

How are parents / carers included in the child’s education and curriculum? 
Parent/carers communication is valued and the key person will work together with the parents to ensure that every child’s learning is supported.
Parents/carers are encouraged to work together with the key person completing observations and activities from home to keep them informed of new interests so that this can be incorporated in the activities that are planned for that child.
Parents/carers will be invited to attend regular meetings to review their child’s progress.

Every child has their own learning journal that the parents can view at any time. The parents are encouraged to add their views and comments.  
How accessible are the environments?
If the family has English as an additional language, they will be encouraged to share key words in their home language for the key person to understand with the child. 


The key person and SENCO will work with the parents to provide the best environment for the child to have the best access to all the resources and activities every day to meet their needs.

We have our own car park with a ramp. Our setting is wheelchair friendly with wide doors and a disabled toilet. We have a sensory room as well as open plan playrooms. 

How will Beech Tree Childcare support my child?

When a child initially starts at Beech Tree Childcare, we provide settling in sessions where the key person familiarises themselves with the child’s individual needs, interests and abilities. This is the initial opportunity for parents/carers to identify any needs with the key person so that these can be catered for. The parents/carers and the key person complete an initial starting point of development form on this settling in session to identify any concerns. 

We have a SENCO who has been trained through the local authority and Beech Tree Childcare to support the key person, child and families to ensure that the child’s individual needs are met. 

Our SENCO and your child’s key person will support your child in a variety of ways depending on their individual needs and through observations, assessments and planning to consolidate and extend their learning.

We have robust polices and procedures in place which are reviewed regularly ensuring that our resources and environments are suitable and accessible for all. 
The SENCO will work with the key person to provide personal plans for each individual child based around their abilities and interests. The plans and activities will be reviewed by the key person, SENCO and the parents regularly to update plans and provide support for all children. 

The SENCO will liaise with other professionals (with the parent’s consent) such as Early Years Inclusion Officers, Speech and Language Therapists and Health Visitors to gain further advice in supporting each individual child. The SENCO and the key person will work collaboratively to ensure that these targets and strategies are implemented. 

How will I know how my child is progressing?

Key persons are available at any session to speak about any concerns. Parents/carers will be regularly informed of their child’s progress by our reviews home and our parent open days where learning journals are shared. 

We work in partnership with parents/carers by ensuring a welcome environment and providing information about Beech Tree Childcare and ‘What to expect when’.

What outside help is available or accessed by Beech Tree Childcare?

The Early Childhood Service Inclusion Support are our first port of access in aiding us to support any areas of development for a child in our care.

  • Advice and support from Speech and Language Therapists. 
  • Health Visitors and Paediatricians.
  • Multi-agency meetings.


Helping with transitions


Transitions are a key time for any child. The key person ensures that these transitions are well planned and supported.
When a child first starts at the nursery the key person will work with the parent to arrange appropriate times for the child to settle into the nursery at their own pace.
When a child transitions to another room, throughout their time at Beech Tree Childcare, the key person works with the new key person to relay and hand over relevant information for that child.
The child will have a range of settling in sessions into the next age range to secure successful transitions. The new key person will ensure that the child’s interests and needs are catered for and that the child is well adjusted to their new room and peers.
When a child is ready to transition to School the new teachers will be invited into Beech Tree Childcare to meet the key person and all relevant transition supporting documents are completed and relayed to the School to ensure a smooth transition takes place for all children.
Who can I contact for further information?

The first point of contact is the manager or deputy manager who are available if further assistance is required. 

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