Scallywags Summer School at Beech Tree

Children at a loose end this summer? Keep them occupied safely by joining the Summer Club.

At Beech Tree Childcare, we have always valued the importance of outdoor play in the development and growth of our children. The weather and return of some of our oldest children from primary school throughout this summer has allowed us to create a more focused Summer School Program.


“This is the best kind of classroom,

It is a journey through time and space,

From the smallest seed to the largest tree,

This is a Forest and a learning place.”

                                                                    (MacMillan, 2001)


What benefits will my child get from participating in Summer School?

Summer School supports the holistic development of the child:


  • Health and fitness – Being active in an outdoor, natural environment.
  • Increased emotional wellbeing – There is research available supporting this.
  • Social development – Communicating and negotiating with peers and adults to solve problems and share experience.
  • Skill development – Developing fine and gross motor skills and coordination.
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding – multi-sensory, real-life learning.
  • Individualised learning – Careful observation allows adults to tailor support to children’s own interest and stage of development.

Health and Safety


The health and safety of all participants is central to everything done within Beach Tree Childcare. Our educators are fully trained in risk assessment and first aid. Some of the activities the children may participate in are ‘higher-risk activities’ (such as fire building and tool use). However, these activities are not available to the children until certain behaviours and boundaries are established. Children are encouraged and supported in recognised and managing risk for themselves, through real life situations and experiences.


“Opportunities to contact nature with Nature, deal with risks, and socialise with peers and adults in a responsive and caring environment will contribute to quality educational experiences, influencing children’s motivation and enthusiasm about learning and school.”

(Bento and Dias, 2017)

What will my child be doing?


The child led ethos of summer School means that children can choose what to participate in, carefully supported and encouraged by trained adults. Activities may include:

  • Hunting for minibeasts.
  • Natural crafts – making necklaces from daisies, crowns or dreamcatchers from willow, collages from natural materials, weaving with long grasses and other creative mediums
  • Mud/Clay sculptures
  • Shelter building and knot tying
  • Tree climbing
  • Using tools for a purpose – such as peeling bark from sticks with potato peelers to make toasting forks
  • Fire building and cooking on a campfire
  • Preparing food – baking bread and cookies and/or using knives to chop fruit and vegetables
  • Helping our younger friends throughout the day
  • Holding Lego competition.


Sessions will be planned around the individual’s and group’s needs and built upon each week. The earlier sessions will concentrate on safety, establishing boundaries and routines. As the children develop in confidence and familiarity with the environment the sessions will then focus on the development and consolidation of skills and understanding.



  • 8:00-12:00 £20.00
  • 12:00-16:00 £20.00
  • Full Day £35.00


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