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What are the minimum hours for my child to attend nursery?


We find that the minimum hours needed for a child to settle, form secure attachments and interact fully at nursery are 15 hours per week , split over a minimum of 2 days.

What do I need to provide for my child at nursery?


Although we have a small supply of nappies, wipes and bags at the nursery, we recommend that you supply a regular amount of these items to ensure we have the right sizes and your child can remain comfortable.


When your child starts we would also ask that you provide a suitable drinks container for their water, and a pair of wellington boots for any outdoor or wet play.


Clothing & Footwear:Fun learning and exploration can sometimes be messy, so please ensure that suitable clothing and changes of clothes are provided. Although the materials we use in play are non hazardous, some fabrics will not be resistant to the effects of staining or discolouration, so we advise that 'Sunday Best' is not 'Nursery Best'! Footwear should be appropriate for the conditions and open-toe sandals are not permitted at any time due to potential safety risks. 


Sunhats and Sun Protection: We ask that sun hats (named) can be provided for outdoor play, and that UV Protection is applied at home before your child arrives, and that you provide sun cream for when reapplication is needed. As a part of our Safeguarding Policy we will not allow children without protection to partake in prolonged outdoor activity through the hottest periods of the day.

Daily routines


At Beech Tree Childcare we are child led and work very much with 'in the moment' planning.


Nappies:Our framework for changing nappies works on a routine of 3 to 4 hours, but more often if required. We regularly encourage toilet use, and promote self care in the children, balanced with a healthy vigilance from all of the team.


Sleeping: We follow all childrens individual routines to sleep, and have a sensory/sleep room which is available with cots and seperate bedding, older children have access to blankets , pillows and soft areas, to relax/trake time out or have a sleep from their busy days! Note: We follow the NHS advice on 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' for ensuring safe sleep


Meals: Healthy snacks are provided at 09:00 -09:30 daily and 14:00- 14:30 daily. Lunches are served from 11:30 through till 12:30 on a rota basis in our family room. Tea's are served from 16:30-17:00. Children who bring packed lunches are mixed and integrated with their peers. Children who are still using milk bottles are catered for on a 'needs only' basis, or as a part of their individual routines. All children have access to fresh drinking water from our drinking stations throughout their day.

Online Apps & Child Development


Online Apps: As part of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies we do not use online Child Development applications, due to the complex nature of their security and potential vulnerabilities they can expose with regards to privacy issues.


Learning Journals: We regularly update our paper based records of all of the childrens development journeys and these can be shared upon request with approved parents and carers.


Department for Education (DfE 2017) states that 'Assessment should not entail prolonged breaks from interaction with children, nor require excessive paperwork'. Parents/Carers should be kept uptodate with their childs progress and development.


Key Person: Every child is in the care of their designated 'Key Person' who will be available on request to discuss your childs progress and any developmental concerns you may have.


Photographs & Images: Safeguarding demands that we have robust policies in place to protect the image and identity of the children in our care. At Beech Tree Childcare photographs are only taken with preauthorised permission, for childrens learning journals. Photographs and images are not shared over social media (unless faces are not visible).

Absences, Time-Off , Public Holidays and Closures


Sickness & Absences: If your child is unable to attend nursery through illness, hospital/medical appointments or pre-arranged holiday full nursery fees are still applicable.


Public Holidays: Beech Tree Childcare is open 51 weeks of the year (Term times and School Holidays). We observe all Public Holidays in England, and all these days are charged at the applicable rate. We close at 12:00 Midday on Christmas Eve and re-open on the first working day of the New Year. (Exception: Public Holidays through the Christmas period are not charged)

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